Lynn Bathroom Liners

High-Quality Bathtub Solutions for Lynn Homeowners

Lynn customers love that our bath liners can be installed over an existing tub, eliminating the need for a messy tear out! We also have a wide range of replacement bathtubs, when the entire tub needs to be updated! We also have a line of wall surrounds and accessibility products to meet everyone’s needs! Plus, we have a wide range of accessories for more customized options. We are so confident in our bathtubs that we stand behind our bath products with a lifetime warranty!

Contact Mr. Tub today for more information on our bath products and to find a dealer near Lynn. Our talented staff can answer any questions you may have, so you can feel confident in choosing Mr. Tub for your bathroom remodeling solutions.

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Benefits Lynn Homeowners can enjoy from Mr. Tub

One Day Bathroom Updating

Mr. Tub’s remodeling normally can be completed in Lynn in just one day, so that you can start enjoying your new bathroom right away.

Hassle Free

Mr. Tub’s renovations are completed without the mess and high cost of demolition.

Cost Saving

Mr. Tub’s remodeling saves Lynn homeowners thousands over traditional remodeling.


200% more acrylic than the industry standard so you get an acrylic bath system with a shiny finish and lasting beauty.

Custom Fit

We can form over 700 tub mold types to assure you get the best fit.

Wide Selection

Make your bathroom the most beautiful room in your Lynn home, many colors to choose from. Smooth surface or Simulated Tile Available.


A new acrylic bathtub liner protects your family against leaching lead that comes from over 64% of all porcelain bathtubs made before 1974.

Transforms your bathroom

Shower liners are a great way to update the look of your Lynn bathroom without having to go through a messy tear out. Replace those ugly, cracked shower floors with a replacement shower base. We even have shower wall surrounds for those unsightly, stained shower walls. Replaces your traditional bathtub with a low-barrier step in shower.